Kampai Sushi Bar: Antipolo’s Delectable Japanese Goodness

The ultra cozy Robinsons Antipolo is now home to a 3-year-old sushi bar which used to be located near Ynares center. If you’re up for a quick drive an hour away from the metro for a foodie fix, Kampai Sushi Bar is a good destination of choice.


Even if you’re not a Japanese food fan, Kampai Sushi Bar might just change your mind with their mindblowingly delectable dishes at a fairly reasonable price. The servings are large and ideal for groups, but you can also have an equally fulfilling romantic date here.

For starters, I highly recommend the ultra yummy sesame seed laden spicy tuna salad which has a very memorable taste:




You can feast your eyes and fill your tummies with the Kampai Sushi Platter, too, which is comprised of popular Japanese gastronomic goodies:



Apart from that, they have one of the tastiest hot miso ramen in town. The serving is large and good enough for 3-4 people with large appetites, priced only at Php398. If this won’t keep you warm, I don’t know what will:




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