Kabuwanan: A Showcase of Talented Filipina Comic Book Writers and Illustrators

Written by Ching Balina

In a series of enticing, funny, and thought-provoking short stories accompanied by beautiful illustrations, Kabuwanan is nothing short of impressive.

Mervstore 2

In her foreword, Aliyah Luna, co-founder of Haliya Publishing, expressed that this book is an answer to the difficulty of finding local, female comic book authors. It’s true that women have a difficult history when it comes to finding their place in the world of publishing. J.K. Rowling herself has used a male pseudonym, Robert Galbraith, post-Harry Potter. But thanks to Haliya Publishing, these female authors can join other local artists who now have a platform to spotlight their works.

The stories are as colorful as the illustrations…

Mervstore 4

…from the eye-catching color scheme that accompanies the humorous story of a girl trying to get out of work

Mervstore 3

…to the darker and more detailed style found in the story of a young Babaylan.

Mervstore 1

So, if you’re looking for your next read, you won’t need to look that far. Kabuwanan is a homegrown product that is a must-read in its own right.

Kabuwanan is available online at mervstore.com for Php450.


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