Justin Trudedau Displaying Upper Body Strength In Photo Is Breaking The Internet

Last year, the world got acquainted with the breath of fresh air in politics that is Justin Trudeau, and Pinoys were able to get a peek of this attractive prime minister when he visited the country during the 2015 APEC in November, bringing the terms #APECHottie and #CanadianBae into Pinoy internet consciousness.

It’s 2016, now, and as if it were any more possible, this #APECHottie just got a whole lot hotter.

Case in point:

In the photo, Trudeau is peforming a mayurasana, also known as a “peacock pose” in yoga.

Now, now, this isn’t to trivialize Justin Trudeau’s capability as Prime Minister — Canada and the rest of the world are falling in love with him over his liberal policies and stances on climate change, gender equality, and the refugee crisis, among other things — so it’s fair enough to say that this is yet another skill set in his repertoire that is — erm — impressive.

Shall we add “Visit Canada” in our bucket list this 2016?

Fan of #APECHottie Justin Trudeau?? What can you say about this photo?