Justin Bieber Does Impromptu Performance Of “I’ll Make Love To You” & Kills It

Personally, I have no love for Justin Bieber. After watching this video though, I can’t say I feel the same.


A few days ago, Justin Beiber decided to go to LA’s W Hotel and experience their ‘jazz night’. Justin didn’t stop there– after enjoying the great performances and hearing a Boyz II Men song, he decided he wanted part of the fun. He then proceeded to ask the band if he could do a song with them which resulted to this:

He didn’t stop at singing  the “I’ll Make Love To You” cover, he also does a bunch of (sexy) push ups mid-performance and wows the crowd with his vocals. I say, there is hope for you yet, Justin.

I never thought I’d enjoy this Boyz II Men classic more than I already do.

What do you think about Justin’s impromptu performance?