#JUSTICEforDogs at Pasig City Pound Needs Volunteers

#JUSTICEforDogs at Pasig City Pound Needs Volunteers


Volunteer at Pasig City Pound 2


I am re-posting a call for help from the volunteer group, Justice for Dogs at Pasig City Pound:

The dogs of Pasig City Pound are in desperate need of #volunteers to feed them everyday.

As of now, we only have 10 to 12 active volunteers and as much as we would want to magically alter our schedules so we could feed them everyday… – our work, family & health are in the way sometimes.

So, we are calling all pet lovers whose hearts are broken on the sight of mistreated and abandoned dogs to please spare an hour or so of your chosen day to help us feed these dogs. We encourage everyone to step up and get involved. We can not keep blaming the government and groups and certain individuals everytime we see dogs suffer, or worse, die. Let us ask ourselves — have we done our part?

Volunteering does not require anything but pure love and compassion for animals. If you have those, then, comment below or text 09327772700. Please share.


Volunteer at Pasig City Pound 2

Volunteer at Pasig City Pound 2

Volunteer at Pasig City Pound 2


You may also wish to help via donations or in kind. Please check the volunteer group’s Facebook Page for a better picture of the situation there. There are so many beautiful dogs there. Most are strays or were abandoned by irresponsible owners.  Just a few days ago, an injured and very sick Rottweiler was surrendered to the pound and left to die, according to a report by the group. The group is now looking into filing charges against those responsible.

Click here to go their Facebook Page:


Volunteer at Pasig City Pound 2

Poor dog, left to die by a heartless owner.


How to help


*Support a Dog = people who are far away but wants to show some love to a specific dog can send donations for that dog.

*Support for a cause = are you in to spread awareness about dog adoption? Wear a shirt, which speaks for the dogs. Support our t-shirt for a cause. All proceeds will go to the dogs’ food, vet bills, vitamins, toys, mats, and other dog necessities.

*Volunteer = for those who wants to volunteer, just message the page or send a personal message to Denise Brion or Nya Maxeen Carlos

*Donate = are you a concerned citizen, animal advocate and dog lover? You can send in donations for the dogs, it can be food, toys, mats, anything you want which will help the dogs.

*ADOPT A DOG = this is the most awaited moment for each one of the dogs. They have seen lots of dogs coming in and out of the pound and when you look at their eyes you can see the jealousness and at the same time happiness because their friend got adopted. They are praying for each one of them to be adopted. You can be their only hope. Adopt and spread the love.

Here are the accounts in which you can send in your support, love and donations for the dogs.

Account Name: Sabrina Louise Gayoso
Account No: 00 7 (880) 035-85-8

Account Name: Dennis B. Sanchez
Account No: 167-3-167-45744-5

BPI Family
Account Name: Dennis B. Sanchez
Account No: 5756284357

Paypal: denisebrion@yahoo.com

Kindly provide us with a copy or screenshot of the transaction. Please let us know if you wish to keep your name and/or amount of donation private. We value your privacy.




#JUSTICEforDogs at Pasig City Pound Needs Volunteers