Jung Joon Young’s arrival photo after his scandal broke out wins the ‘Photo Report of the Month’


Photo by: Kim Chang Hyun

Photographer Kim Chang Hyun’s photo of Jung Joon Young was named the ‘195th Photo Report of the Month’ by the Korea Press Photographer’s Association. The photo was taken during Jung Joon Young’s arrival in Korea after his scandal involving recording illegal videos of the women he slept with broke out.

Lee Hyo Kyun of the Korea Press Photographer’s Association explained why the photo was chosen via a report written in Korean site Allkpop. He stated, “A photo can definitely win even if it’s not majestic (or serious). In Jung Joon Young’s case, his issue became a controversy in society so it holds even greater value… His hat was flying off, he was getting pushed by the reporters, and the security. We gave many points on how the photo realistically portrayed the situation.”

Photographer Kim Chang Hyun also added how he was able to the shot. He explained, “There were so many people and I was getting pushed, so I just kept clicking the shutter. The moment his hat flew off, I thought, ‘Ah, I got it.’ I immediately fell after taking the award-winning photo.”