June 2019 was the hottest June in 140 years, study reveals

On Thursday, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) released a report which shared that June 2019 was the hottest June in 140 years.


“Nine of the 10 hottest Junes have occurred since 2010. Last month also was the 43rd consecutive June and 414th consecutive month with above-average global temperatures,” according to the NOAA’s latest monthly global climate report.

Stephan Harrison, a professor of climate and environmental change at Britain’s University of Exeter, mentioned that these temperature data show proof that carbon emissions in the atmosphere are disrupting the climate system of the Earth faster than scientists expected.

“If we continue to break instrumental records all around the world, it does suggest that the climate system is more sensitive to the level of the greenhouse gas in the atmosphere than some of our earlier models had suggested,” Harrison shared with Reuters.

Asia, Europe, and Africa also experienced their hottest Junes on record.

There is a 100% chance that 2019 will end as one of the five warmest years on record, according to the NOAA.

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