Joshi+Jam Manila: A Night of Bodyslams and the Homecoming of Filipino-Japanese Wrestler, Syuri



Joshi-Jam-Manila-When-In-Manila-10The Bodyguard vs Jiro Kuroshio

The next bout was a contrast in styles between Jiro Kuroshio’s speed and quickness and The Bodyguard’s ground and pound maneuvers. Kuroshio came out to a familiar theme song (Dragon Ball Z’s intro song) to the delight of the Filipino crowd. The Bodyguard came out with his imposing presence, and he also had a ‘small friend’ in tow. Before the match, The Bodyguard displayed his strength by twisting a frying pan.


The Bodyguard and his Little Buddy



Kuroshio tried to stay out of the Bodyguard’s way with some fast kicks and other fast-paced moved to his advantage. Jiro made a critical mistake when he tried to go for a crossbody from the ring apron. The Bodyguard caught him midair before he slammed Kuroshio onto the ring post. The ending of this bout saw The Bodyguard almost behead Jiro with a powerful clothesline.  It was funny to note that while The Bodyguard was the supposed bad guy, the crowd still chanted his name during the match. Jiro also had some ‘Super Saiyan’ chants sent along his way too due to his entrance theme and hairstyle.


The Bodyguard continued to punish Kuroshio after the match until Tajiri ran in sprayed some green mist on his face. Akira ran ringside and attacked Tajiri, and a four-man brawl erupted. Within seconds an impromptu tag match featuring The Bodyguard and Akira taking on Tajiri and Kuroshio was made on the spot.


Joshi-Jam-Manila-When-In-Manila-15Tajiri and Kuroshio vs The Bodyguard and Akira


Kuroshio about to deliver an enzugiri kick on Akira


Joshi-Jam-Manila-When-In-Manila-17Kuroshio struggles to reach the ropes


The Bodyguard and Akira took advantage of an already exhausted Kuroshio and isolated him in their corner. At one point, Akira and The Bodyguard locked him up in a camel clutch/leg lock combination hold. Eventually, Kuroshio avoided a corner move from Akira and made his way to tag out to his mentor Tajiri. Tajiri got in the ring and was on fire with some vicious chops and fast kicks to his opponents. Jiro Kuroshio delivered a wonderful moonsault on Akira and almost got the victory.

  Joshi-Jam-Manila-When-In-Manila-18Kuroshio goes for a moonsault on Akira




In the end, however, The Bodyguard forced Kuroshio to submit to the Torture Rack and got the victory for his team. Both teams were lauded and cheered by the fans. In fact, this was the best match of the night at that point. However, if we’re talking about the overall match of the night, the main event had something to say about that.





Two POVs on this epic double team submission move by Tajiri and Kuroshio on their opponents



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