Joshi+Jam Manila: A Night of Bodyslams and the Homecoming of Filipino-Japanese Wrestler, Syuri



Joshi+Jam Manila

Filipina-Japanese Triple-Crown Champion Wrestler Syuri vs International Superstar Mia Yim for the Wrestling New Classic Women & Consejo Mundial de Lucha Libre-REINA International Championship

The main event for that evening featured Filipina-Japanese wrestler Syuri vs Mia Yim. Syuri paid tribute to her Pinoy heritage as she entered the ringside area wearing colors of the Philippine flag. The start of the match saw an exchange of holds between the champ and the challenger. Soon enough, the crowd started to fill the ringside area with ‘this is awesome’ chants for the dazzling in-ring display of both competitors. At one point, Mia Yim retreated outside to take a little ‘breather’ from the action and it included threatening one of the announcers at the desk. Mia Yim got the upperhand for the rest of the match as she started to choke Syuri on the corner with her boot. Eventually, Syuri made a comeback and tried to finish things off with her signature roundhouse kick. Mia ducked down and delivered a vicious spin kick to the jaw for a near fall.




Syuri delivers a high knee to Mia Yim on the corner


Mia once again tried to win the match with a modified piledriver but Syuri kicked out. Mia Yim argued with the official and tthe hometown hero used this opportunity to take her down with a vicious roundhouse kick. Syuri pinned Mia for the elementary 3 count and retained her championship.





Joshi-Jam-Manila-When-In-Manila-25Syuri and Mia Yim show some post-match sportsmanship




After the match, Syuri helped her opponent up in a show of sportsmanship. The crowd cheered both women for their elegant pro-wrestling skills and ‘fighting spirit’ that were on full display throughout the match. Afterwards, Syuri and the rest of the wrestlers were recognized by the Rotary Club Southern Pampanga District 3790 for their donation last November to victims of super-typhoon “Yolanda.” Afterwards, the rest of the fans went to ringside and got to interact with the wrestlers in and outside the squared circle.


Joshi-Jam-Manila-When-In-Manila-27Syuri & the rest of the wrestlers being recognized by Rotary Club Southern Pampanga District 3790 @ ringside



A fan takes a selfie with Syuri


Joshi-Jam-Manila-When-In-Manila-29Syuri talks to the Japanese Media after the event

The pro-wrestling fan in me was in full force that night and I had a blast watching and chanting along with my fellow fans. While I have to admit the attendance was not so big, they were loud and proud to be part of Joshi+Jam Manila. The crowd was lively in every match as they cheered, booed and chanted the entire night. There was even an ‘exhibition’ between some PWR members in the ring before the main event that was short but gave us a preview of things to come from the Philippine Wrestling scene.

Basically, It was an exhilarating feeling to watch some pro-wrestling action live, for the first time in almost 5 years. I had a great experience getting a chance to interact with the wrestlers such as Syuri, Tajiri and the Bodyguard after the show. Like I said, this write-up is not the usual pro-wrestling results article and if you STILL think it is at this point… *sighs* fine (Forgive me, Vince).  Below are the quick results that you all been waiting for.

Quick Results for Joshi+Jam Manila

+ Tajiri def Akira with the buzzsaw kick
+ Ray and LEON def. Lady Lory and Aliya after Ray pinned Lady Lory with a Victory Roll
+ The Bodyguard def. Jiro Kuroshio with a short-arm clothesline
+ Akira and Bodyguard def. Tajiri and Kuroshio after The Bodyguard forced Kuroshio to submit to the Torture Rack
+ Syuri def. Mia Yim with a roundhouse kick to retain the Wrestling New Classic Women & Consejo Mundial de Lucha Libre-REINA International Championship belts



A couple of fans posing with the wrestlers at the post-show meet and greet


When in Manila would like to thank Eman Paelmo Borman Norman & CJ Dilag of the PWR for hooking us up for this one of a kind puroresu experience. This writer would like to thank the wrestlers and crew of both the REINA Joshi Puroresu and Wrestling New Classic roster for making Joshi+Jam Manila possible.

WIM Photos by: Edward Cheng and Martin Vicencio

Joshi+Jam Manila: A Night of Bodyslams and the Homecoming of Filipina-Japanese Wrestler, Syuri


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