Jollibee Releases the All-New Jollibee Coffee Blends, Starring Latest Endorser Atasha Muhlach

Calling all coffee lovers! The all-new Jollibee Coffee Blends are sure to be your latest coffee cravings.

Jollibee Coffee Blends KV

Photo from Jollibee

Crafted from freshly brewed 100% Arabica beans, the Jollibee Coffee Blends have a rich, delicious taste that will surely elevate your daily caffeine experience.

No matter what kind of coffee you’re craving, the Jollibee Coffee Blends line-up has something for you. Plus, it’s available all day long!

Jollibee Coffee Blends

Jollibee Coffee Blends Hot Brew

Photo from Jollibee

The Hot Fresh Brew, priced at only 45 pesos, is the only one exclusive for breakfast hours, but it promises a rich and energizing start to your morning.

Jollibee Coffee Blends Iced Latte

Photo from Jollibee

The Iced Latte, on the other hand, offers a refreshing blend of iced coffee, fresh milk, and sweet syrup. It is priced at only 50 pesos and 75 pesos for a regular and large, respectively.

Jollibee Coffee Blends Iced Sweet Black

Photo from Jollibee

If you prefer a bolder flavor, there’s the Iced Sweet Black, a fusion of iced coffee and sweet syrup, and is also available in regular and large sizes.

That’s not all. Jollibee Coffee Blends is entering our coffee-craving lives with a touch of star power with its newest endorser, Atasha Muhlach.

Atasha Muhlach Jollibee Coffee Blends

Screenshot from Jollibee’s YouTube channel

A fresh face in the Philippine entertainment scene but coming from a well-known family background, Atasha recently graduated with honors in the UK and is now embarking on a versatile career in hosting, modeling, singing, and partnerships with the brands she loves. Her vibrant energy is the perfect choice for the dynamic and delicious experience that  Jollibee Coffee Blends offer.

“I’m thrilled to officially be part of the Jollibee family and to endorse the new Coffee Blends,” Atasha beams. “Their deliciously rich taste makes them the perfect choice for me as a coffee enthusiast. Just as each blend offers a unique taste experience that is fun to discover, my personal journey has also been about self-discovery and embracing my individuality. This collaboration with Jollibee is not just about promoting a product; it’s about sharing joy and elevating daily moments with every bite or, in this case, cup.”

Watch Atasha Muhlach’s Jollibee Coffee Blends commercial here:

Need some early morning fuel or a midday recharge? Jollibee is now your coffee destination to get a delicious caffeine fix. Try it now in your nearest Jollibee branch via dine-in, takeout, or drive-thru. You can also get it delivered via the Jollibee App,, #87000, GrabFood, and foodpanda.

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