Job Seeking? This Fun Quiz Helps You Determine Your Work Personality or “Worksona”

Workbean, an award-winning HR Tech startup in employer branding and recruitment marketing, has launched a new tool on its website to help professionals identify their work personality. Called Worksona, the tool presents a series of 48 personality questions that aim to get an accurate description of who you are at work and how you operate. “We want to help people understand themselves at work better,” Workbean explained.

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There are 12 Worksona profiles ranging from Warrior, Jester and Innocent, to Innovator, Explorer and Philosopher. The result of your quiz reveals your personality, complete with a full description of your Worksona. Identifying your Worksona could help further maximize your work potential, which ultimately is what Workbean aspires for its users.

At the core of what Workbean does is helping professionals find meaningful careers in companies with work cultures they resonate with. And for companies, Workbean’s mission is not just to provide support in employer branding and talent acquisition. Most importantly, the mission is to help companies retain their talents through great company culture. 

Why? Because for Workbean, the philosophy is simple: “If one-third of your life will be spent at work, wouldn’t you want to spend it with a company that you love?”

You can take the Worksona quiz here.

Workbean to hold career growth conference this April

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To champion today’s best companies and put the spotlight on great company cultures, Workbean has put together Ground Zero, a career growth conference. At Ground Zero, which will take place virtually on April 29, 2022, companies can showcase their unique company cultures, while professionals get to join conversations with leaders from different emerging industries. Companies participating in Ground Zero’s expert stages include IKEA, Nas Academy, KMC Solutions, Lalamove, and more. 

For professionals who want to work where they belong and belong where they work, Ground Zero presents a chance for them to take a peek into the company cultures of Workbean’s partner brands and take their careers to the next level. Guided sessions allow professionals to discover their Worksona and branding, while fireside chats with companies could provide valuable industry insight. At the end of the event, an exclusive metaverse after-party will be held for partner companies and select audiences.

Kass Monzon, co-founder and CEO of Workbean, shared, “Employer branding used to be a ‘nice to have’ ingredient in attracting the right talent for companies, but as we enter recovery post-pandemic, we have seen a dramatic shift in our conversations with companies: everyone has to re-evaluate their values, their culture and people strategies if they want to stay relevant.”

Workbean’s mission has always been about helping professionals work where they belong by cultivating relationships and championing great company culture, among others. With the Great Resignation happening around the globe, it’s the purpose of Ground Zero to help professionals and companies tread this new—and ever-changing—work landscape.

Registration for Ground Zero is ongoing. Sign up to secure your slot now at

Ground Zero is made possible with the support of its media partners, and SparkUp.

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