Jewelmer Pearl Ambassadors: WhenInManila Vince Golangco and FlairCandy Hannah Villasis

When In Manila, you need to go see the beauty and luster of the Philippines’ National Jewel – the South Sea Golden Pearls!


Palawan-South-Sea-Golden-Pearl-Farm-Gold-Pearls-Jewelmer-Oyster-Jewel (244)


It was a complete honor to have been named a “Pearl Ambassador” by the Avant Garde in the jewelry and pearl industry.


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At a small private lunch, our friends from Jewelmer invited us over to share some great news. At the lunch were top online personalities like Hannah Villasis of, Noemi Dado of, Anna Oposa of, Jayvee Fernandez of,  Kankan Ramos of and myself, from


South-Sea-Pearl-Golden-Pearls-Jewelmer-Gold-Salt-Water-Jewelry-Pearl-Ambassador-WhenInManila-When-In-Manila-Philippines-21 South-Sea-Pearl-Golden-Pearls-Jewelmer-Gold-Salt-Water-Jewelry-Pearl-Ambassador-WhenInManila-When-In-Manila-Philippines-24 South-Sea-Pearl-Golden-Pearls-Jewelmer-Gold-Salt-Water-Jewelry-Pearl-Ambassador-WhenInManila-When-In-Manila-Philippines-22


It was there that they announced their decision of making us the new Pearl Ambassadors, at which time, we were all also given our very own Golden Pearl necklace exclusively made for us and for this event.




As a Pearl Ambassador, we hope to spread the word about protecting the seas to preserve the habitat of the many sea creatures that live there. We hope to help Jewlemer protect the seas of Palawan, where the Golden Pearl Farms are located, along with the seas of the Philippines and the world.



South-Sea-Pearl-Golden-Pearls-Jewelmer-Gold-Salt-Water-Jewelry-Pearl-Ambassador-WhenInManila-When-In-Manila-Philippines-18 South-Sea-Pearl-Golden-Pearls-Jewelmer-Gold-Salt-Water-Jewelry-Pearl-Ambassador-WhenInManila-When-In-Manila-Philippines-16


It is only in pure, clean and fresh seas that the oysters can produce such lustrous and beautiful golden pearls. Furthermore, it’s also only in these pure, clean and fresh seas that many of the other inhabitants of these salt waters can survive.




On the other hand, as a Pearl Ambassador, I’m also hoping to spread more knowledge about the National Jewel of the Philippines, which is none other than the South Sea Golden Pearl.




Expect to read more posts coming in the future about protecting our seas and more information about the ultra luxurious Golden Pearls.


For now, I wanted to sincerely than Jewelmer for honoring me with such a prestigious role.




When In Manila, go witness the beauty of the national jewel of the Philippines by checking out the Golden Pearls for yourself.




Each Palawan South Sea pearl is composed of thousands of layers of thick, translucent, natural golden nacre that creates a luster that lasts a lifetime.









Jewelmer’s New Pearl Ambassadors: WhenInManila’s Vince Golangco and FlairCandy’s Hannah Villasis