JeansXpress: Affordable Customizable Jeans

When in Manila, jeans are among the most versatile closet staples. That’s why When in Manila contributors were happy to try out JeansXpress, a Filipino company that offers customized jeans.

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Through their service, you could order your jeans online! You just input your size, the kind of cut, color, cloth, and zipper that you want, and they’ll deliver it straight to your doorstep.

This is very convenient and helpful for people who are looking for the perfect pair of jeans but could not find it in RTW stalls. We all have different body types and preferences, and this kind of services caters to that kind of individuality.Jeans Xpress 1

Here are some of our thoughts on the product and the shopping experience.


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For me, the outcome of the jeans was nice. Friends would tell me how it really looked tailored to fit me. It was also easy to deal with the staff of JeansXpress. After making the order, they contacted me to verify details and even warned me that the cloth I originally chose was not very suitable for the style of jeans that I chose. Of course, I went with their suggestion to make sure I got the best.


Jeans Xpress 18

Jeans Xpress 16

I never liked the idea of tapered jeans until JeansXpress introduced me to it. I’ve been more used to wearing skinny jeans for the past years. I like the idea of how they make the customers feel important and confident about their body type. My best customized pair of jeans so far.


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Jeans Xpress 22

I’m between a size 18 and 20 in jeans size, and looking for a good pair here in Manila is impossible! I usually rely on balikbayan boxes to get a good pair, and even then the pants are always too long. But with JeansXpress, I got the perfect pair! They hug my curves just right, and the fabric stretch is good too.


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Jeans Xpress 7

This service made the process a lot simpler. No more fitting, trying out tons of different brands and waiting at the checkout counters. Just measure, order and wait for your jeans to arrive!


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Jeans Xpress 27

The idea of customized jeans is very promising considering I wear denim jeans almost everyday but rarely find one that perfectly fits me. If you’re going to order your very own pair, make sure to get the exact measurements. Also, ask about the different kinds of cloth. Jeans Xpress 28

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Photos by Courtney Sayson

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