5 Fun Japanese Shows on Netflix You Should Look Forward To

Looking for fun Japanese shows on Netflix to watch that aren’t anime? As always, Netflix has got us covered!

In fact, they just revealed an exciting slate of unscripted Japanese content, from outrageous variety shows to unique dating formats, that feature Japan’s unique entertainment culture.

5 Fun Japanese Shows on Netflix You Should Look Forward To


Premieres August 22, 2023

Japanese Shows on Netflix Lighthouse

Photo from Netflix

Lighthouse features musician-actor Gen Hoshino and comedian Masayasu Wakabayashi (from the comedy duo Audrey) embarking on a six-month conversation based on “single-line journal” where they share their personal stories, struggles, and fears with each other and the viewers. This creative approach to comedy showcases two of Japan’s top entertainers as you’ve never seen them before.

Is She the Wolf?

Premieres September 3, 2023

Japanese Shows on Netflix Is She the Wolf

Photo from Netflix

Some of our favorite Japanese shows on Netflix are dating shows. Dating show Is She The Wolf? is a series that originated as Who Is The Wolf? on ABEMA, featuring contestants with secret identities as ‘wolves’ who were not allowed to fall for anyone. Netflix worked with ABEMA to appeal to a broader audience and experiment with storytelling.

Love Village Season 2

Japanese Shows on Netflix Love Village Season 2

Photo from Netflix

In its first season on Netflix this year, dating show Love Village broke new ground by featuring ordinary people aged 35 to 60 searching for love — the first time a Japanese reality show focused on this demographic. Season 2 will continue fleshing out this creative concept with new contestants and returning fan-favorite emcees Atsushi Tamura and Becky.

Last One Standing Season 2

Premieres October 10, 2023

Japanese Shows on Netflix Last One Standing

Photo from Netflix

Last One Standing has been described as the Squid Game of unscripted comedy in terms of the Japanese shows on Netflix. The first season on Netflix last year saw Japanese comedians competing to improvise funny stories in their own words while they play roles in a serious drama series. In the upcoming Season 2, a new group of Japan’s comedians will be sharing more of their own stories. This new season continues to be helmed by top creator-producer Nobuyuki Sakuma.

Love Like a KDrama

Premieres November 28, 2023

Japanese Shows on Netflix Love Like a KDrama

Photo from Netflix

Love Like a K-Drama is an innovative hybrid where K-Drama romance meets acting competition as four Japanese actresses and four Korean actors are paired up to try and land lead roles in six K-dramas. It features lively commentary from studio emcees Haruna Kondo (Harisenbon), Aa-CHAN (Perfume), Shusuke Fukutoku (Jarujaru), Hayato Komori (GENERATIONS), and Maria Tani.

Which one of these Japanese shows on Netflix are you most excited about?

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