Jannelle So Invites 4 Female Founders to Share How Women Can Emerge Victorious in the New Normal

With the recent election of the first female Vice President of America, the world was reminded of the strength of women, and the things they have to go through, endure and break through to get to places that require hard work. Not just in politics, but at home, in academe, and in the office, which in the time of a pandemic are not mutually exclusive.

Fem Founders Len Cabili post

Next Saturday, November 21st at 7pm PST (Sunday, November 22nd at 11am PHL), Filipina American Media Pioneer Jannelle So is highlighting fellow Female Founders who had a dream and took all odds to get there.

Going through illness, discrimination, challenges and doubts, these four women came out wining and are still striving to keep their businesses and their dreams alive.

Len Cabili, Rechelle Balanzat, Germee Abesamis and Olivia Quido discuss what it means to have the first Black and Asian American Vice President and how they’re going to take the
inspiration and motivation in their daily life and work.

Len Cabili is the founder of Filip+Inna, a clothing line that promotes and supports the work of Philippine indigenous groups and helps bring the work of their hand to the modern women of the

Rechelle Balanzat helps clients look good and feel great through her contactless dry cleaning and laundry service based in New York;s Upper West Side. Pre-pandemic, she’s always had contactless pick-up and delivery through her mobile app, Juliette Laundry.

Germee Abesamis, a jewellery designer and founder of Dearest custom jewelry custom makes pieces for her clients special occasions – whether they’re for weddings, birthdays or engagements. Apart from her website, she also recently launched a mobile app that makes it easier for her customers to order from her.

Olivia Quido is top skincare and spa owner based in LA who helps clients glow with her luxury products and services O Skin Care and Spa.

These four women and host Jannelle So will discuss what they do, what they’re doing and how they’re adjusting everything in the new normal. Everything is a work in progress. Here are women at work, women in progress, women wonders – our fem founders.

Women have a unique way of approaching a problem. We already know that women leaders made a huge difference in their response to COVID with their compassion, conviction and confidence, said So. According to the American Psychological Association, “They expressed more awareness of people’s fears, concern for their pain, and confidence in their plans.” These exact traits are helping female-led companies survive and thrive. I’m excited to lend our platform so our friends, supporters and viewers – men and women – can learn and adapt as well,” she added.

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