James Deakin Urges Motorists to Download the Motolite Res-Q App

Road safety advocate James Deakin advised motorists to make sure they already have in their mobile phones Motolite’s RES-Q App before they head out on the road, especially on their upcoming long rides, so they can have easy access to roadside emergency assistance.

james deakin

RES-Q is the only app in the country that gives 24/7 assistance to motorists for flat tires, emergency refueling, overheating, and dead battery. These services are free to users of Motolite, the leading and most reliable battery brand in the country as its products are particularly made for the Philippine climate and road conditions. 

“As restrictions relax and we start to move forward with our lives, it’s important to be ready for the new challenges that face us. For those who use their cars for work and for leisure, it’s critical to prepare for the unexpected,” Deakin said.

He added: “Motolite RES-Q is a mobile app that can help you when the unexpected happens. When you get a flat tire, run out of fuel, find your engine overheating, or have problems with your battery, help is just a few taps away on MOTOLITE RES-Q.”

Deakin also urged Motolite users to immediately register their vehicle and contact details in the Motolite RES-Q app for easy warranty claims.

“To guarantee the nationwide warranty at any official Motolite outlet, it’s also best practice to complete your battery’s E-Warranty registration. This way, your battery warranty details are in the system and accessible to everyone, especially via the Motolite Express Hatid official hotline and official Motolite RES-Q dispatchers,” the motoring journalist and enthusiast noted.

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The Res-Q APP is part of Motolite’s continuing service evolution in the digital age to give its customers peace of mind. Motorists can easily download the Res-Q App via the iOS App Store, Google Play Store, and Huawei App Gallery. Visit www.motolite.com for more info on the app and other Motolite services and products.

Using German technology, Motolite produces a complete line of batteries for different applications, including the New Excel, which is recognized by experts as the Philippines’ best automotive battery. Excel comes in several lines like Excel EFB (Enhanced Flooded Battery) for start-stop vehicles; the Excel DIN mostly used for European cars and certain American and Japanese vehicles; the Sea Master; Solar Master; TruckMaster; GolfMaster; and a host of low-maintenance batteries as well as motorcycle batteries.