Jake Zyrus on LGBTQ+ Public Toilet Issue: ‘We can’t force people to accept our beliefs’

Transman Jake Zyrus feels no need to use the male restroom despite identifying as a man.

This is the opinion he expressed to the media during his album launch on Wednesday, September 4 when asked to comment about the ongoing debate on whether transgender people should use restrooms that align with their gender identities, following the news that transwoman Gretchen Diez was arrested for attempting to use the female toilet in a mall in Quezon City last month.

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“I used to think that way. Pipilitin ko ‘yung sarili ko to go to the male’s restroom. But the more that I grow older, the more I realized na not everyone thinks the same. Not everyone believes in the beliefs that you believe in so nagsi-CR ako sa kung saan ako dapat mag-CR. I simply follow the law. I respect the law,” he said.

He also believed that this controversial case goes beyond the issue of sexuality.

“It’s about behavior. It’s about how we treat each other. This is not about sexuality anymore, this is not about the CR anymore. This is about how we’re going to treat each other and how we’re going to understand each other,” he added.

He continued that no one should be forcing their beliefs on anyone, and that it’s no longer his problem if others feel awkward about him using the female restroom as a transman.

“This is not just about understanding me, understanding the LGBT community, this is both ways. If someone does not understand what you’re going through, if someone does not understand who you are, you simply understand them. Kasi we don’t have the right to push everyone to accept our beliefs.

“So if I go to a women’s restroom and they feel awkward, it’s not my problem anymore because I’m just following the law, because that’s what they said, right? Biologically I’m a woman so I follow it,” he said.

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Jake Zyrus, formerly Charice Pempengco, fully transitioned to becoming a transman in 2017.

What are your thoughts and reactions to what Jake Zyrus said on the issue?


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