Jadine Fans Will Love This Rendition of “Hanap-Hanap” from the UM Chorale!

This video by the University of Mindanao Chorale or UMC is trending right now! It shows a video of them singing in harmony their version of Jadine’s “Hanap-hanap.”

Fans of JaDine (James Reid & Nadine Lustre) gushed about this simple romantic cover of their idols’ song.

Christian Garay, the uploader of the video told us that their version of Hanap-hanap was arranged by Mr. Arnel De Pano for their Valentines Day concert performed in a mall in Davao.

The UMC also won the nationals last November 2015 in NAMCYA held at the Cultural Center of the Philippines.

Congratulations to The University of Mindanao Chorale!

Do you know anymore outstanding chorales you would like to share?


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