It’s Time to Upgrade to This Stylish Reusable Mask, and it Can Compete with the N95!

Metro Manila may have been placed under general community quarantine (GCQ) while most parts of the country are under the modified community quarantine (MECQ), but that doesn’t mean we can lower our guard against COVID-19. We still have to protect ourselves by going out only when absolutely necessary, washing our hands frequently, and always wearing our masks. We found a face mask that’s functional and stylish, and can compete with the N95. The best part is it’s reusable, so you save more money in the long run.

It’s from O2 Canada, which has been making these face masks since 2014. What makes their face masks worth the purchase is its powerful filters. Its electrostatic filters can attract, trap, and neutralize small particles. It’s 95% effective against airborne pathogens, and can efficiently filter particles at 0.1 microns and larger. Just as an example, airborne bacteria and pathogens are .50 microns, so you’re protected from bacteria, diseases, and even air pollution. The mask is 98.6% effective against smog, vehicle exhaust, and even smoke, so you can use it even on a normal day.

O2 Canada’s masks have been tested at Nelson Laboratories, so you’re guaranteed the statistics are true. The product has passed tests that determined its valve leakage, and inhalation and exhalation resistance. It also passed tests on its ability to filter bacteria and viruses.

We also love the modular design, which you can accessorize with different colors. There’s white, black, red, and blue, so you can switch it up depending on your mood. O2 Canada’s lightweight masks are also comfortable to wear, as it comes with an adjustable strap and a Japanese medical-grade silicone seal that fits most face shapes, even those with facial hair.

O2 Canada also came up with the Sport Strap to make wearing the mask more comfortable. This lets you customize the fit of the mask to your face so it doesn’t chafe. This is great for frontliners who spend long hours in the hospital, as some have said that their ears hurt after wearing the earloop straps for long periods of time. According to O2 Canada-Philippines, 85% of physicians and nurses are starting to use the O2 Canada mask in the country.

This mask is reusable, so we don’t have to keep replacing them. It’s hard to buy them these days so we like the idea that you can just sterilize it before and after use. The filter can also be used for up to two weeks, depending on your lifestyle. You also get three when you buy an O2 face mask! It’s definitely an upgrade from your traditional face masks.

To buy, you can simply send a message on the Philippine distributor’s Facebook and Instagram pages. The colored shells and the Sport Strap will be available soon!


Give them the promo code WHENINMANILA to get a free filter worth P250!

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