It’s Okay to Flaunt Your Wealth. But Here’s What Can Make You ‘Privileged’

Expecting the rich to not flaunt their wealth is, at the very least, unrealistic and impossible. When it’s the kind of lifestyle they grew up with and the kind of environment they’re exposed to, they have every right to talk about it, share it with others, and be known for having that lavish lifestyle.

Shopping Rich

People want to boast about where they’re traveling to, or where they’re eating in, or the latest item they or their parents just bought them. But rarely is it ever done with ill intent. To these people, what matters is that they get to show others the joys of their life albeit through rose-colored lenses. Perhaps these may spring feelings of slight jealousy from a friend or two, but the harms that follow a “humble brag” type of post is pretty insignificant. After all, there’s nothing inherently wrong about talking about yourself (even if a little too much at times) online, while you relish materialistic pleasures.

In fact, you don’t see people being all up in arms over a celebrity who vlogs about their luxury closet tour or their insane bag collection in the same way that we don’t spew unnecessary hate over an Instagram influencer who posts about their frequent travels all over the world. Excessive, sure, but it’s their life, isn’t it? They’re simply enjoying it and minding their own business.

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I believe there is nothing wrong about flaunting your wealth.
But this is what can make you privileged:

When you vocally express that you’d rather disassociate yourself with what’s going on around you—socially, environmentally, and politically—because it doesn’t concern you, or when you brag about your comfortable lifestyle in the midst of a nationwide turmoil, or when you complain about the slightest inconvenience that can be solved with patience, tact, and compassion… you are no longer just “enjoying your life.” Rather, you’re putting yourself on a pedestal that looks down on those economically less fortunate than you are.

Cash Mindset

It’s not enough to say that you “meant no harm” with what you said. Neither will it do any good for you to attack your critics to just “mind their own business” the same way that you’re just “minding” your own. Your bubble of entitlement is bound to burst when you don’t humble yourself and understand the consequence of your ignorant mindset.

The reality is that no one cares if you’re rich and can afford a cushy lifestyle that they can’t have; what does matter is that you use your wealth and your status to extend aid to those who may benefit from it—or at least be tactful enough to know not to use your privilege to prove you’re much better than everyone else.

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So please be compassionate, empathetic, and sensitive towards our Filipino brothers and sisters. A lot of them are working hard to achieve a comfortable life. They don’t have the same opportunities that most of us do. It is our responsibility to make the country a much better place for them to the extent of our abilities.

After all, if we have time to post about our shopping spree, we definitely have time to talk about issues of a grander scale too.

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