It’s a Dog’s Life: A Dog’s Day Out!

It’s a Dog’s Life: A Dog’s Day Out!

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Man’s best friend will take center stage at Evia Lifestyle Center this July 27, where our furry friends will march against animal cruelty, receive blessings, get groomed and pampered, attend parties, and even participate in their own fashion show at an event called “It’s a Dog’s Life,” held in cooperation with the Philippine Dog Welfare Association, Inc.

And, while the event will feature grooming by Yasa Petshop and Grooming Services and Silk Creations, a whole-day “T” party with pooch-friendly treats from the It’s a Dog’s Life Bakery, and fashion shows that have an Italian Carnival Ball Theme inspired gown theme for the Cani Mascherati Fashion Show, and stylish comfortable clothing for the Doodles Paw Couture Leisure Wear Fashion Show, the event really focuses on the Pawrade and Pack Walk, which has dog rights at its very relevant center.

The march will bring together representatives from different dog groups from Dog Breeds and Breeders, Philippine Golden Retrievers, Husky Owners Walkers League (HOWL), Metro South Paws, and many more, together with dog owners, admirers, and supporters to say No to dog meat, puppy milling, and other forms of animal abuse.

True to its thrust of being the active lifestyle center of the South, Evia will definitely take us through the woof with this event.






It’s a Dog’s Life: A Dog’s Day Out!

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