Italy Put Up a Wine Fountain that Flows 24/7 — and its Free

And we thought fine wine came at a hefty price? Not anymore.

This vineyard in Central Italy put up a fountain of red wine that flows freely 24 hours everyday, which visitors are free to consume for free, SIMPLY BECAUSE THEY CAN.


The wine fountain was put up for the pilgrims walking the Cammino di San Tommaso, the famous 310 km route which runs from Rome and Ortona. But simply wine lovers are welcome, too.

A spokesperson for the vineyard told Mashable: “The fountain is made by the famous Italian architect Rocco Valentini, so actually it’s not just a place to drink but a piece of modern art thanks to his work.”

Well done, Mr. Valentini. Wine lovers from around the globe celebrate you. Cheers!

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