It Figures Facial and Slimming Salon shares 10 Ways to keep yourself BEAUTIFUL!

When In Manila, you know what’s in! “Aesthetics!!!” Outer beauty is important to almost everyone, especially to girls! There is a big reason though, when you feel that you look good outside, you are confident to do or say anything and act completely yourself.  It makes you braver to face the day without hiding anything from anyone!

Realizing this, a lot of skin care products and centers suddenly sprouted in the country. And today, let me tell you about “It Figures Facial and Slimming Salon.” I want to share not just about what I experienced but more info about different aesthetics maintenance processes. I am very grateful that I had the chance to talk to the owners of It Figures Facial and Slimming Salon, the good couple, Mr. Arnold and Ms. Cindy Bagabaldo. 🙂

So before anything else, here are

5 FACTS about It Figures Facial and Slimming Salon

Mr. Arnold and Ms. Cindy Bagabaldo gladly share the story of how It Figures an Facial Salon started.

 1. “We didn’t start it to make money, we started it to save money!,” Arnold shares during our conversation.

Arnold and Cindy lives at Antipolo, Rizal and their kids study at De La Salle University. Since it is far from home, they rented a condo unit at  Ortigas where Cindy can stay while waiting for their kids from school.

Meanwhile, Cindy confesses that she loves having facial with her friends as her past time thus Arnold thought of a way on how to save money so they rented another space and last June 2011, the world said hello to It Figures Facial and Slimming Salon!

Ms. Cindy gladly talks about It Figures Facial and Slimming Salon! 🙂

2. Their first clients were Cindy’s friends, around twenty instant clients! And a couple of months after, they realized that the “word of mouth” marketing strategy works well! They keep on meeting new clients who return to them every time!

3. Cindy goes back to her hometown, Cebu, whenever possible so the couple opened another branch in Cebu! They target to open 3-4 more branches of It Figures Facial and Slimming Salon this year! And in 2 ½ years they aim to have 100 more branches!

4. To clarify, It Figures Facial and Slimming Salon is not a clinic, they offer everyone an affordable good skin maintenance but they don’t treat skin conditions. And to assure safety, Arnold and Cindy always try their services first before they offer it to their clients.

5. Asked of their greatest achievement?! They share that it is the satisfaction of their customers!  Cindy and Arnold find time to talk to their clients to know what they need to improve or add to their services.






Mr. Arnold gladly chats with one of their clients. 🙂 


Now let us move on to the services they offer at It Figures Facial and Slimming Salon!


10 WAYS to keep YOURSELF  “Beautiful!”

  1. It Figures Facial and Slimming Salon offers you a facial that covers cleansing, scrubbing, facial massage, vacuum, steaming, pricking, and IPL! Intense Pulse Light is used after facial to treat pimple and acne, hyper-pigmentation, or skin discoloration!

Of course, facial is not just for girls! 🙂

  1. IPL- Intense Pulse Light is also effective on hair removal; on lessening appearance of spider veins and light varicose veins.
  1. Dermabrasion hastens the replacement of the skin to smoothen the skin surface. It is a technique used to lighten scars, or uneven surfaces. Plus, it also eliminates wrinkles!
  1. Neuromuscular electrical stimulation “NMES,”  is applying electrical stimuli to a group of muscles to tone selected area and give you the effect of your 2-3 hours exercise in the gym! 

  1. Stay slim, baby! Radio Frequency or “RF” emits radio frequency to tighten skin and also to melt underlying fats.
  1. The process of “Cavitation,” on the other hand, removes fats using mechanical methods. It produces high frequency sounds to create pockets of vacuum in your fat layer to burst fats. Then the body will slowly absorb fats released and dispose it afterwards.
  1. Cautery is an instrument used to destroy abnormal tissue by burning outer layer of skin and is used for milia and warts removal.
  1. Ultrasonic Therapy is used for skin lightening, it minimizes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles; it also promotes cell metabolism, blood circulation and skin elasticity.










  1. It Figures Facial and Slimming Salon also offers you products which you could use at home. Try out their toner, anti inflammatory cream, cleansing soaps, and scrubs. Their therapist will choose which one’s suited for your skin type!
  1. Last, they share tips on how to maintain good skin even after your 20’s:  Massage your face while cleansing to improve circulation and relax muscles;  use toner and moisturizer suited for your skin type; drink lots of water every day, use sun block before you go out!


 (from left) Mr. Arnold Bagabaldo, Ms. Cindy Bagabaldo, and the author

It wasn’t just the facial, the IPL, or NMES, but it was also the chance to enjoy a cup of coffee while having a fun chat with the humble owners of It Figures Facial and Slimming Salon! Thank you so much, Mr. Arnold Bagabaldo and Ms. Cindy Bagabaldo, and of course to Ms. Anne and all the It Figures Facial and Slimming Salon therapists!

When In Manila, or in Cebu, find time to visit It Figures Facial and Slimming Salon to relax and keep yourself beautiful! But always remember that it is not just about how you look outside and how the world sees you but yeah, that’s another topic to discuss, Soon!!! 😀

“It Figures Facial and Slimming Salon”

Contact Person: Arnold S. Bagabaldo





It Figures Facial and Slimming Salon MANILA

Unit 129 G/F Grand Emerald Tower F. Ortigas Jr. Road, cor. Garnet St.

Ortigas Center, Pasig City 1605





It Figures Facial and Slimming Salon CEBU

Unit 2F33B JCenter Mall

#165 AS Fortuna, Brgy. Bakilid,

Mandaue City, Metro Cebu






“It Figures Facial and Slimming Salon shares 10 Ways to keep yourself BEAUTIFUL!”

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