Issa Litton Shares 5 Tips on How to Effectively Host an Online Event

Whether we like it or not, so much of our lives today now requires online presence. Whether it’s for sales or marketing presentations, or meetings that involve Zoom, Google Meet, or Microsoft Teams, there seems to be no end to this requirement of going online and having to make the right and most effective impression. If we want to get the desired results, that is.

Issa Litton

Instagram: @IssaLitton

From the more-than-two-decades she has spent hosting for live events and TV—including a production background as an assistant director for films, commercials, and music videos—and her fluid transition to this online ‘game,’ 1Lit Corp’s President and COO Issa Litton has taken all the learnings she has amassed, and put them in a monthly module she now offers to the public. Her webinar ‘Online Impact: Upgrade Your Online Presence & Delivery’ is your guide to improving your communication and presentation skills through 90 minutes-worth of pertinent information, exercises, relevant takeaways, and having outright fun.

But if you want some quick tips, here are 5 things Issa Litton shares about hosting online, effectively:

1. What you HEAR is more important that what you SEE.

When it comes to online communication, you should be heard and understood. Even if you’re only using your laptop or your phone and not professional equipment, know where your device’s built-in mic is placed and project to that. Don’t shout. Better yet, get earphones. Wired earphones with built-in mics are helpful in filtering out ambient noises.

2. As with photos, always find a good angle.

Always elevate your laptop or phone to your eye-level so you avoid showing your nostrils and the underside of your chin when hosting an online meeting or event. After all, that is unflattering for anyone. Hat tip: look directly at your device. If you find your head tilting down or up, it’s not ideal. Try not to fill the whole screen with your face, either. A little headroom (the space between your head and the top of the screen) down to your shoulders and slightly below your collarbones, possibly even to your chest, is ideal.

3. Familiarize yourself with the basics of navigating your online platform.

Know your device and software—know where the mute/unmute mic buttons are and the turn on/off video buttons. And the symbols that appear onscreen when these functions are toggled. Learn how to manage the chat box, too, so you’re not caught unaware or looking like you don’t know what you’re doing.

4. Have a professional mindset even if you’re only starting out.

Being a pro means being prepared. Don’t do things half-baked. Being at home doesn’t mean you slack off your professionalism. From good hygiene and grooming to dressing the part, even spritzing some fragrance on; these things give you that something extra. It primes you for work.

5. You are ON from the time you log in to the time you “exit meeting.”

So do your bathroom break before settling down in front of your device and always have everything you need within reach. It’s not like in live events when you can chill backstage when someone else is speaking or shooting a TV show where you can cut and edit.


Learn more on July 18, 2pm, whether as a refresher or as an introduction to this online arena. Head over to the 1Lit Corp Facebook page or @1LitCorp Instagram account to get more information on how you can sign up (open to private group and corporate bookings) and keep a look-out for announcements on future webinars and offerings, including coaching and mentoring services.