Isabelle Daza creates short film to remind moms to put down their phones

Isabelle Daza picks up her phone 136 times a day and spends an average of six hours and 53 minutes of screen time per day. To an average person, it’s hardly out-of-the-ordinary; but for a mom like her, things have to be said about whether or not she spends more time on her mobile device than with her own child.

In a short video she created, she demonstrated what children most likely see when their moms are constantly on their phones. A device is always obstructing the child’s view of his or her own mother’s whole face and deprives the child of physical intimacy.

Belle writes in her Instagram caption, “Created this video as a reminder to myself to be present and that not everything has to be recorded. I realized that there are times I chose to be on my phone rather than spend quality time with my son; I underestimate the amount of times he sees my phone and not my actual face. Trying to be better and lessen my average phone usage 😣#MomGuiltisREAL #NotAnAd”

Belle hopes that her video will serve as a reminder for herself and for all moms out there to put down their phones and live in the moment with their children. She shares a quote from Fred Rogers (a host from popular American children’s show Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood) in the video, which reads “What we see or hear on the screen becomes part of who we become.”

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You can watch the longer version of her video on her YouTube channel.

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