Is This a New Modus That Targets Senior Citizens at Home?

Is This a New Modus That Targets Senior Citizens at Home


Be careful who you let inside your home.

A Facebook post shared by Czarina U is going viral on Facebook, detailing how a possible modus operandi is targeting senior citizens in their own homes. According to Czarina, it began when a man visited their home and asked if they have safety devices on the LPG tank and how many people lives there. The man said that their company is in partnership with the fire department and they’re checking to avoid the possibilities of fire.

My mother-in-law let him in, thinking that he’s from the government. At first he was acting like he was inspecting, until he started negotiating about their “fire prevention products” and asked for my mother-in-law’s valid ID. When she left him there alone, he punctured our hose and told her that we have a leak, and told her to buy the hose that he’s selling.

At that point, Czarina called her husband because her mother-in-law was asking if they should buy it. Czarina asked the guy the name of his company, but he could barely say it. They also asked if they could take a picture of his products to research if it’s safe and get his number so that they can call him.

He then looked alert and kept his safety lock products in his bag and said he would just let my mother-in-law decide. He still kept insisting we buy the hose. We told him that we’ll just go to their office, which he said was located at Bulwang, but he couldn’t give the address. He then left in such a hurry. When we checked our hose, there was a hole already.

Czarina suspects this to be a new modus targeting senior citizens, and warned everyone to be careful.


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