Is This A Leaked Video Of Duterte’s Campaign Ad?

Duterte AdEarly this year, the name Rodrigo Duterte has been buzzing around as one of the possible candidates to vie for the presidency in the 2016 elections. With bated breath, the nation watched as the Davao City mayor hemmed and hawed about his candidacy in the weeks leading up to the filing of CoCs (certificate of candidacy).

And what seemed like a last-minute twist of events, way past the deadline of filing, Duterte was named as a substitute candidate under PDP-Laban.

Yet there is a viral video that is making the rounds on social media, on what looks like to be an alleged leaked video of a campaign advertisement for Mayor Duterte!

What’s more is that, the video was posted on Youtube in May of this year!

While the campaign advertisement never explicitly mentioned what position the Davao City mayor would be vying for, it goes on to list the accomplishments Digong has made in Davao from the creation of more jobs to the eradication of crime in the city, and closes with “Pwede magkaganito ang buong Pilipinas, kailangan lang ng tapang at malasakit” (This can also happen to the entire country, all it takes is courage and empathy).

It seems that the viewers have caught on to this as well, with comments such as:

“Wow. Best campaign ever. It’s humble, adorably made, and true to its words. I salute you Mayor Rody Duterte!!! My 19 years, which is my entire life, in Davao could never be better if it weren’t for him. ┬áIf you do run, then I’m guaranteed that the 30 minutes it took me to register as a voter is worth 6 years of your hopeful presidency for I am now able to contribute to your future win. “- Rayneal Badalo
“if he runs, this will be the first time ill vote in my whole 39 yrs of existence. finally a candidate worthy of my vote.. let’s do this mayor!” – Rodel Banas
Do you think this video is legit? Did you like the ad?