Is the Jolly Mango Graham Legit?

Recent reports of a new Jollibee dessert has been making its rounds all over the internet. Photos of a new “Jolly” Mango Graham shake are spreading like wildfire. Problem is, the original source of this news can’t seem to be found.

So the question is, are we really lucky enough to be getting a Jolly Mango Graham?

Scattered information on Twitter and Facebook suggest yes, and soon. Some speculate that it is a product still in development. There are suggestions that it is still in testing, or is being conceptualised as we speak. Others hype it up even more by giving January as a possible release date.

People are already talking about waiting line up for a taste — and I gotta admit, even we were excited for this. So we reached out to Jollibee for any comments (or confirmation) on the rumours.

Sadly, the Jollibee team has denied all claims and stated that neither product nor photos are legitimate. Seems like this was just the work of an overactive imagination and photoshop. But hey, Jollibee still has an amazing line up for Christmas either way. 

Regardless of the truth, at least Jollibee now knows they would have a very interested market for a Mango Graham shake (a girl can dream, right?). So, what other products would you guys like to see from Jollibee?

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