Is the Forest Breathing? Man Captures Incredible Footage of the Forest Floor Heaving

In a scene straight out of a fairy tale, a man out for a walk in a forest in Nova Scotia two years ago captured on video the incredible sight of the forest floor moving as if it was inhaling and exhaling.

Here, check it out.

Was the forest coming to life?

Well, the forest is already alive, from the trees to its wildlife. The trees take in carbon dioxide and release oxygen, in a process called photosynthesis. A walk in a forest lets us breathe in all that fresh air, rejuvenating us.

According to experts who later weighed in about the phenomenon, the explanation is simple. The weather is responsible.

Man our for a walk in the forest

Too much rain saturated the forest floor, making the ground loose and spongy. Strong winds were pushing against the top of the trees. Every time there was a gust, the roots of the trees resisted, making the ground appear to rise and fall.

Ain’t nature fascinating?


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