Is Richard Madden Going To Be The Next ‘Game of Thrones’ Star To Enter The Marvel Universe?

Best known for his roles in The Bodyguard and as Robb Stark, King in the North, Richard Madden might soon find his next role as a superpowered being. He is currently in talks to join Angelina Jolie and Kumail Nanjiani in Marvel’s The Eternals. Chloe Zhao will be leading the adaptation of the Jacky Kirby comic as its director. However, no details of its release or production have been announced yet.

richard madden

Photo from Empire

Should all plans proceed, Madden is said to be up for the role of Ikaris, an Eternal. The Eternals are a human offshoot race, a result of the evolutionary process which led to sentient life on Earth. They owe their origins to the Celestials, god-like beings with immense power who created humans and deviants besides. Deviants, in particular, are likely to play a large role in the movie as they stand in diametric opposition to the Eternals.

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Although they have also been known to battle Greek, Norse, and Roman deities so the scriptwriters have a host of sources to draw from. The 2006 mini-series by Neil Gaiman could be one such significant source, as its aim was to bring the Eternals back up-to-date in the Marvel universe. For now, it’s all speculation with Matthew and Ryan Firpo as scriptwriters and Kevin Feige producing.

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With Sophie Turner currently portraying the X-Men’s Jean Grey and Maisie Williams set to appear in The New Mutants, Madden would be the 3rd Stark sibling to join Marvel’s string of heroes. Although it’s still unclear which of these properties are included in the MCU, wouldn’t it be the funniest thing to see them finally reunite in another universe?

What do you want to see Marvel portray in this movie?