Is Power Lacing the Future of Basketball Sneakers?

Welcome to the future!

The idea of power lacing sneakers first appeared in the movie Back to the Future II 20 years ago. It was made to reality several years ago when Nike made the shoe to life, the Nike Air Mags. However, it was only produced in very limited quantities up for auction for a cause.

Fast forward to last year, Nike reintroduce power lacing and was made available to the public but it was more for lifestyle rather than function because it was a heavy sneaker to run with. After that, they broke boundaries again this year with the new tech on the auto lacing system that was made for basketball, which made it sweeter.


The Nike Adapt E.A.R.L. BB

E.A.R.L. means electronic adaptive reactive lacing, which pretty much sums up why the shoe is special and is the future. It auto hugs your foot at initial wear and stops when it feels the fit is right. Though you can manually adjust the tightness level in your liking by just pressing the buttons. After wearing the sneakers and testing them in court, I was really impressed with the cushioning and traction of the shoe.

Plus, they don’t feel heavy at all, thanks to the lightweight mechanism with just the size of 2 AAA batteries (which is a factor if you are using them for performance). Another upside of the sneaker is that it is rechargeable and can last two weeks with everyday use.

It has yet to reach our shores according to Nike Philippines with an SRP of around Php18,000.

For a more detailed performance review, watch this: