Are Conor McGregor and Nate Diaz Really Retiring?

Crazy things have been happening in the UFC lately.

Recently, the Irish Fighter Conor McGregor has announced that he has decided to “retire young” from UFC, catching many UFC fans off-guard and surprised.

McGregor’s tweet was met with skepticism since has been no official announcement whether it’s true or not. But that’s not all that’s surprising: Nate Diaz has ALSO announced retirement on twitter, saying that his “work here is done”

Could this just be Nate’s joking response to McGregor? Or is it a legit announcement of retirement? no one is sure.

However, there might be some truth behind McGregor’s announcement since UFC has announced that the Diaz-McGregor rematch was pulled from UFC 200. But according to reports, McGregor was pulled from the match because he failed to appear in a press conference.

After a huge win for Diaz and a schedule rematch between the two fighter, nothing seem to add up. While we’re still making sense of all this development, what do you think? Is this all a ruse or is it real?