Is Captain America Really a Villain Now?

While I haven’t read the comic book in question yet, the Internet has exploded with the ultimate spoiler for the first issue of “Captain America: Steve Rogers”: Captain America is now a villain.

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Captain America Steve Rogers Comic Book Cover

Apparently, the comic book ends with our beloved patriotic Steve Rogers revealing that he is actually a member of Hydra (the same evil organisation that he has been fighting in the movies for the past few year). Even worse? He’s been a part of Hydra ever since he was a child. The cherry on top? There is a photo in the comic book where Captain America actually says those two words you would never imagine him saying: Hail Hydra.

I think I’m going to go out to buy the comic book for that image alone.

Marvel has been taking some pretty interesting turns in their comics books. A female Thor, an Asian Hulk, and now an evil Captain America? What do you think? Is this a good move or should there be an eventual twist where all of this was just a bad mistake? Share your thoughts with us!

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