The New Totally Awesome Hulk is Asian!

The new Hulk has just been revealed – and he’s Asian! ­čśÇ His name? Amadeus Cho. And he’s Korean-American, to be exact. Kudos to the Marvel people for creating a more diverse superhero team! ­čÖé

In case you haven’t heard of Amadeus Cho yet, he made his first appearance in 2006 in Amazing Fantasy #15, and has served as a sidekick to Hercules and The Hulk. As for his┬áHulk-look? Well, they’ve definitely given The Hulk more definitive Asian features – and we love the distinct look! What do you think?

new totally awesome hulk asian

Marvel has also revealed┬áthat Amadeus┬áwill be the only (male) Hulk in the new Marvel Universe.┬áAnd, seeing as he’s younger than the other Hulks we’ve known in the past, it makes sense that they’re calling him ‘Totally Awesome’ now, huh?

The issue will be released in December 2015.