International Wushu Champion and Filipina Actress Janice Hung Lands Role in ‘Kung Fu Panda Spectacular’

Dubbed as the “Wushu Queen”, Janice Hung is an International Wushu Champion. She’s a 10-time Gold Medalist in Wushu and has represented the Philippines in various international competitions such as the SEA games, Asian Games and World Championships.  After her successful career in Wushu, she graced the advertisements of some of the country’s top brands, as well.

Following her career switch from martial arts to commercial modeling and now acting while showcasing her prowess in Wushu and graceful yet powerful fighting style, she has made a mark on Philippine television that led her to gain numerous fans.

Janice recently announced that she would be joining Broadway Asia, one of the largest production, management and distribution companies in the global markets led by Executive Producers Simone Genatt and Marc Routh, and DreamWorks Theatricals with 15 different nationalities of world class artists, athletes and the five-time Tony Award winner Susan Stroman will her legendary talents as director, to showcase DreamWorks Kung Fu Panda Spectacular Live, a thrilling new live action entertainment at the Venetian Macau.

That’s right. The animated smash-hit franchise of ‘Kung Fu Panda’ will be brought to life for a stage production in Macau by the end of 2019. The show will be a resident production at The Venetian Theatre Macau. It is a collaboration between Broadway Asia and Hollywood animation studio DreamWorks, which created the nearly US$2 billion global box office phenomenon.

The show will include a performer in a big panda suit. The panda suit for protagonist Po will have a full face mask, manipulated for expression, while other characters like Monkey and Tigress will have human faces augmented with makeup.

According to director and choreographer Susan Stroman, “It’s a real cross of musical theatre, cirque and Hollywood along with the art of Kung Fu.”

Tigress is the leader of the Furious Five and the deuteragonist of the Kung Fu Panda franchise. She is the master of the Tiger style of kung fu, the adoptive daughter of Shifu, and the adoptive younger sister of Tai Lung. She is voiced in the film by the legendary actress Angelina Jolie.

Tigress is everything you’d want in a hero. She’s over-achieving, brave, fearless and, well, heroic. She’d do anything to save the day. She is unwavering loyal to Po and what represents as the Dragon Warrior. However, underneath her stoic, iron-jawed (and iron-hand,and-iron feet, pretty much iron everything) is a warm compassion that others seldom see.

Janice is the only Filipino to join the cast of ‘Kung Fu Panda Spectacular’. It is truly a proud moment for us Filipinos to be  represented on the international stage. You can follow her journey through her social media accounts below.

Janice Hung


Instagram: @janicehungwushu


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