International Cuisine at the Marriott Cafe Buffet

When in Manila and looking to eat eat eat, the Marriot Hotel at the Newport City ought to do a splendid job in filling up your tummies with rich eats and healthy treats. 


I’m not ashamed to say that I love food. Hence the reason why I go around the metro looking for the best places that offer the best eats. The Marriott Hotel has only been operating for a few years so their buffet is pretty new in this side of town (at least to my knowledge), and I was eager to try what they had. My family and I visited just a few days after New Year’s. Not a bad way to start the year I’ll say. 


The first thing that greets you when you enter the cafe is their wide selection of desserts and can I just say? Wow. From cakes t to puddings to (stop me from drooling please), their home made ice-creams, i tell you, I was about ready to give up trying everything else if only to go straight to their mouth watering desserts. But of course, that had to wait.


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The buffet boasts of their international culinary stations. Filipino, Chinese, Japanese, US, and much to my surprise, Indian.  They also had an extensive salad station,to the utter delight of my wannabe healthy self. So yes, the dessert station may have seduced my tummy, but the salad station helped me find my way back to my healthy self again (which didn’t last for long really). Top your greens with your choice of smoked salami, pepperoni, red beets, croutons, throw in perhaps some glass noodles (not your usual but I had to try it) and your good to go. Suffice to say I was happy with their salad station, I don’t doubt the healthy people will find themselves quite content here as well. 


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And that was the best of my efforts to stay healthy. The rest of the glorious food called me by name (or so I imagined). After the salad, I had to try their Chinese food…dumplings, roast duck, fried rice, wanton. I did enjoy the chinese fried rice very much and wanted to eat more but I knew I had to leave space for the other stations that beckoned.


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 If you know me well enough, you would know that I can’t stay away from steak. I sometimes have to order good ‘ol Prime ribs from the US but good to know that good US prime meat can be found here at the Marriott Cafe. You could aslo ask them to cook it just the way you want it. Medium well for me. Try it with their mashed potatoes and pepper corn gravy. Melts in your mouth. 


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Their Japanese station offered the usual tuna sashimi, tempura, maki’s so I had to get just a little of everything. The sashimi’s were fresh so that alone made me happy with their Japanese station. 


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The chef, I was also happy to find, was someone I knew from my high school days. The little sister of a batchmate of mine. She is no longer little though, and she was in her chef’s uniform looking all serious and grown up and all of a sudden I felt like a proud older sister, haha. Chef Marianne Reyes whipped up a delicious pasta dish for me which I’d have to say, was my favorite for the day (Thanks Chef!). So definitely try their pasta station and if you don’t know what to put in it, ask the chef to make something special for you too, I’m sure you won’t regret it. 


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After all that I had, you would think that I’d have no space left for dessert, but no. The dessert station still called so who was I to say no to those delicious mini cakes? I tried so many! For the health conscious, try their sugar free cheesecake. The home made ice cream is not one to miss either. They had an array of flavors but the Palawan honey walnut was the obvious family favorite. 


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As you’d have already guessed, we all enjoyed our visit at the Marriott Cafe. So whether you’re feeling health conscious or ready to feed your stomach crazy, Marriott Cafe should definitely be on your list of new places to try in the metro. So when in Manila, and ready for some good food, you’ll know where to visit next!



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Special Thanks to Chef Marianne Reyes for being so gracious and hospitable 🙂 This won’t be our last visit!

marriot logoNo 10 Newport Boulevard,Newport City Complex,

Pasay City · Manila, 1309 Philippines