International Armoring Corporation: Armored Car Saves Politician’s Life

 International Armoring Corporation: Armored Car Saves Politician’s Life

A politician in West Africa was attacked with AR-15s and an 18 wheel semi and survived.


Hear the story directly from the “client’s mouth” and see the footage from the attack where an armored car from International Armoring Corporation (IAC) was able to save our client and his driver’s lives.  This is the second life threatening attack on this client in an IAC armored vehicle – both with life saving results!!!


IAC was the first company over 20 years ago, to implement the use of high-tech fibers (“Armormax®”) in the armoring of passenger vehicles which, in this case saved the client’s life. IAC has continued to enhance and improve the materials and installation techniques to provide greater protection with less weight added.

IAC armored vehicles are shipped around the world from one of their worldwide facilities; they are able to defeat high-power rifle fire, as well as Improvised Explosive Devices (IED). IAC has had over 350 attacks on its armored vehicles with a large percentage of those attacks occurring in the African and Middle East regions.




This specific politician in West Africa would not have survived if not for his IAC armored vehicle.  His vehicle (see photo) received excessive damage and was ultimately undrivable. There were four occupants in the vehicle who escaped shaken, but unharmed – another happy result for an IAC client.

Mark F. Burton, Founder and CEO of IAC, commented, “Many lives have been saved from injury and even death as a result of our armored vehicles. We are pleased with how our armored vehicles have not only performed under harsh environmental conditions (heat, road conditions, etc.), but during the ultimate test, an actual ATTACK. We are glad Governor Kenneth Imansangbon survived such a vicious terrorist attack – for the second time.  We are happily (and carefully) building his replacement armored vehicle.”

Contact the company to hear the whole story and talk with the client directly.


About International Armoring Corporation (IAC) Founded in Utah, USA in 1993 now has numerous manufacturing and service facilities around the world. IAC has built over 8,000 armored passenger vehicles – shipped to over 60 different countries, including 42 different foreign presidents and heads of state. Governments, subcontractors, militaries, international corporations, religious leaders (including the Pope), celebrities, vehicle manufacturers, and other individuals use IAC vehicles. IAC is the originator and designer of high tech fiber armor (“ARMORMAX®”) used in the armoring of passenger vehicles. ARMORMAX® reduces added armor weight by 40 – 60%.   IAC has been featured in over 200 media stories including Discovery and History Channel, CNBC, Time Magazine, Fox News and the Wall Street Journal. The armored vehicles currently being produced by IAC are able to defeat up to high power rifle fire as well as Improvised Explosive Devices (IED).  

For further information please contact the company at 1-801-393-1075 or visit:



 International Armoring Corporation: Armored Car Saves Politician’s Life

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