INSPIRING: Watch How High School Student with Down Syndrome Wins Basketball Game #Inclusion

February is Down Syndrome Awareness Month. And while everyone is busy gathering thoughts for Valentine’s Day, I shall give some love to this high school student by featuring his winning moment to everyone.

Robert Lewis Down Syndrome

He is Robert Lewis. He is awesome and has Down Syndrome. As all medical-related sites describe it, Down Syndrome is a chromosomal condition that is associated with intellectual disability, a characteristic facial appearance, and hypotonia or weak muscle tone.

According to reports, Robert was given a chance to play by his coach, John Pierce. The 19-year old, senior at Franklin Road Academy in Nashville, Tennesse, played in his college’s Senior Night game, last February 5.

Robert Lewis Down Syndrome3

(Photo courtesy of Storyful)

Surprisingly enough, Robert played against his younger brother’s school, which is the University of Nashville.

The video shows Robert warming up with the team. It also shows Robert shooting an airball from the three-point range. However, the second attempt was magical!

While the scores were tied at 64-64 and with seconds ticking away from the clock, Robert threw a three-pointer and boom! He hit the game winning shot! 

In addition, the crowd was chanting, “Love you, Robert.”

Robert Lewis Down Syndrome1

 (Photo courtesy of Kelley Tansil)

Furthermore, you’ll see the love of both teams as the crowd rushed onto the court to hug and congratulate him!

Watch the amazing video below:

Video courtesy of Storyful

This is the reason why we should feature people with (dis)abilities more than anything or anyone. They make the world a happy place to live in. For them, everyone is equal and beautiful.

Congratulations to you team, Robert! From the Philippines with love!

In the Philippines, there are a lot of groups that focus and practice diversity. In fact, Uber, Best Buddies Philippines, Accenture, are few of the many companies and organizations that demonstrate equality and diversity. Moreover, a restaurant called Puzzle Gourmet Shop was built for a good cause: to spread awareness about autism and other disabilities.

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