INSPIRING: This MMDA officer did a kind deed for this elderly passenger

There is faith in humanity!

A netizen and a fellow commuter named Ed Obretiv Dgies witnessed an MMDA officer extend a kind hand to an elderly passenger at the Alabang Bus station in Lawton just recently. He shared it through a Facebook post.

Rough translation:

When I arrived at the Alabang Bus station (Lawton), before I hopped on, [passengers and I] were lining up and saw Sir MMDA and Manong right there. We found out that the officer gave Tatay money for fare going home as well as for food. The old man was so grateful.

I was unable to catch the surname of the MMDA officer to thank him for everything. (Edited post: Thank you, Sir MMDA Kenette Oznolab 🙂 ).

His deed was so humbling. So many people look up to him, especially those who have witnessed it first-hand. God bless you Sir MMDA. I hope you can help out more people!

Edited post: I was able to speak to the MMDA officer.

What really happened was that the old man was on his way to PGH (Philippine General Hospital) for a check-up and he doesn’t have enough fare money. I offered to give him, he declined. He wanted a free ride .. I told him, okay, I’ll bring you to the bus en route to Lawton. I spoke to the conductor to accept him. I’d pay for the old man’s fare, and the conductor agreed. When tatay was about to go up, I asked him if he still had money, and replied he had none. That’s why I took my wallet out and gave him some money. At first, he did not want to accept it, giving him a free ride was already enough. I insisted, and he finally accepted it.

I salute you, sir! God bless you.

What a wonderful thing it is to help others, right?

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Disclaimer: does not own the photos. Credits go to Ed Obretive Dgies. 


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