INSPIRING: This former chainsmoker saved over Php 45,000 since he stopped smoking, here’s how he DID IT!

Habits are hard to break, especially bad ones. A popular saying goes that it takes 21 days to break a habit, but only determination and discipline would get you far. For the case of Paulo Bautista, he wanted to end his journey with smoking. It was a struggle, but he did it successfully.

Recently, he celebrated 5 years cigarette-free and took it to social media his humble achievement.

WHEN IN MANILA has reached out to Bautista for further details.

I started smoking when I was in 2nd year college. It was purely out of curiosity. I was miles away from home and from my parents, so it was easy to buy cigarettes. It started with just one stick until it became a habit. I’d buy a pack of tens in the morning, and I’d be able to finish the whole thing before I’d go to bed. Stick count was always higher when I was out drinking and if it was rainy or cold.

I first attempted to stop smoking when I was 21. It was one of my new year’s resolutions back in 2011. That first attempt at quitting only lasted for about 3 weeks. I tried again summer of 2012 but I also failed. In February 2013 at a work dinner, I ate something bad and my throat was getting all swollen so I had to rush myself to the ER. I stayed in the hospital for about two days and you know how when you’re in the hospital, you’re not allowed to smoke? That started my cold turkey. When I got out of the hospital, I fought the urge to buy yosi. I would convince myself na “Sayang naman yung tiniis ko for two days if I’d light up.” So I bought stuff to keep my mouth busy such as lollipops, butong kalabasa, chips, chewing gum, etc.

I also downloaded an app called Cessation Nation, which tracks your quitting progress in terms of money saved, number of cigarettes you didn’t smoke. It also has built-in games for when you had an urge to smoke. It also has a health tracker that tells you how much your dependence on nicotine has dropped, how your senses of taste and smell has improved, etc. A week went by, of course there’s still urge to smoke but I’d tell myself again “Sayang yung tiniis ko for one week kung magyosi ulit ako.”

My ultimate tests were: partying and the rainy season because those instances always made me wanna smoke. So when I hurdled through those, I knew dire-diretso na.

Bautista as a chain smoker

What advice can he give for those who can’t seem to break the bad habit?

I’d like to believe I’m healthier. Before, I couldn’t even spend 15 minutes on the treadmill. But after quitting, I’m able to run 10k in an hour.

My advice for those who want to quit: Understand the risks and health hazards of smoking. Start from there. Also, imagine other things that you could buy with your yosi money.

keepin' it real

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Bautista today, happier and healthier.

Inspiring, right? Kudos to you!

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