Inspiring: Gina Lopez Invites Everyone to Lend a Hand to Those in Need

Is former Environment and Natural Resources Secretary Gina Lopez going to let the decision of the commission on appointments stop her from doing what she loves doing–which is to create positive change where she can?

Apparently not, because recently she just made a call on social media for volunteers to join her in launching a community feeding program. According to Lopez, she has already established a core group for the feeding program that will identify communities and plan programs. She is now looking for volunteers to help in the activities.

She clarifies:

The feeding is not meant to be just feeding – because that would be shallow… [It] would be an entry point into teaching hygiene, nutrition, and values. It would be a way to spread the love.

Gina Lopez Feeding Program, how it started in 2017 in Roxas Blvd Manila

Lopez shares that the idea for this feeding program was born recently when she bumped into a food vendor along Bay Walk in Roxas Boulevard, Manila. She was doing a segment for an American filmmaker at the time. She said that she was so surprised at discovering how affordable a meal was–fish with rice was only 20 pesos–that she bought food to feed about 30 people. She said that she had so much fun feeding children and passersby that it gave her the idea to do it regularly.

We must have fed thirty people – the cost was P750… I gave him P2000…. He seemed like a really good man… But what struck me was how totally happy the people were with so little food – and what saddened me was that some of them said they hadn’t eaten the whole day!!!! And some were sick….. That’s why I would like to make it regular…

The feeding program group is now on the look out for storytellers, nutritionists, and health and wellness experts. She emphasizes that volunteers must have love for the Filipino people. Volunteers with other skills can help with logistics, registration, food distribution, and other requirements that may arise.

I don’t just want to fill their stomachs. I want to touch their hearts–and give a boost to their lives.

Lopez urges everyone to aspire for a better world and to work together.

To volunteer, sign up through this link:

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