INSPIRING: Billionaire Patient Gives Filipino Nurse Millions Worth of Gifts

One of the world’s wealthiest women gave her caregiver, Filipino nurse Hadassah Peri, millions of pounds worth of gifts plus additional money in her will. This is according to a report from The story has been posted in 2014 but just went viral recently.

Filipino nurse Hadassah Peri

Filipino nurse Hadassah Peri (Photo from:

Initially, the Filipino nurse had no knowledge that she was caring for one of the wealthiest women in the world, Huguette Clark.

Huguette Clark is the youngest child of Senator William Clark, who once went head-to-head against John Rockefeller for the title as the richest man in the US. When he died, he left his fortune to Clark. She was 18 back then.

After Clark’s quick marriage to law student William Gower that ended in divorce, she went into recluse.

Apparently, Clark has never been photographed again for 80 years. She never remarried and has never had children. She lived a solitary life away from society.

While living in recluse, Peri served as Clark’s nurse.

Peri and Clark had little in common although they both had strong Catholic upbringing. Peri would take care of Clark, spending 12 hours a day, seven days a week. Then, Clark started giving Peri gifts.

Some of the gifts Clark gave to Peri include seven homes, a Bentley car, and a Cezanne painting and an antique violin which was later sold for the cash. Clark also paid the medical bills and tuition fees of Peri’s family and paid for the monetary penalties after an unexpected tax bill.

When Clark passed away in 2011, Peri had received more than £18million (approximately Php1.1 billion) worth of gifts in the span of 20 years that she took care of her. In addition to that, Clark gave Peri £8.75 million (approximately Php532 million) in her will.

However, this angered some of Clark’s relatives, which lead to a successful legal battle to invalidate her will and acquire cash for themselves.

In September 2014, Peri gave up the cash she was left in the will and paid back £3million (approximately Php183 million) worth of gifts.

She was allowed to keep the rest.

A little kindness goes a long, long way really. Don’t you think?

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