Inspiring: Annual Road Feeding to Help People in Need

“When was the last time you did something that truly mattered?” This is exactly what I asked myself when I learned that a group of friends, including Daniel Songco and Danica Nabong, set up an annual road feeding to help people in need seven years ago.

It started with 8 people back in 2008 during Danica’s birthday celebration. Instead of a road trip, a night out drinking or a birthday blowout with food, Daniel says they decided to help the street kids and the homeless instead.

They call themselves the “Nemo Brothers and Sisters” and they give out blue plastic bags during their road feeding around Manila filled with bottled water, rice, canned goods, biscuits, snacks, candies, bananas and broiled eggs.

Check out this video on their outreach:

According to Daniel, they do this annual road feeding to share their blessings, to spread joy, and to inspire their fellowmen. He says that they want to prove that any normal person, even without a lot of money and without a political background, can help their fellowman.

This December, they are also planning a new project called “Clothing the Homeless”, which is similar to the road feeding, but involves clothes as an added Christmas bonus to those in need.

What do you think of these projects? If you would like to find out more or help donate, feel free to contact Daniel Songco at blank_deck19@yahoo.com 🙂