INSPIRATIONAL: Pinoy Amputee Climbs Mountains and Sees the Beauty of Life

Life can get tough sometimes and if you think it’s the end of the world, then maybe, it’s time to change perspectives and see the beauty of life instead.

Here’s the story of Alex Agustin, a 24-year-old amputee who opted to live life to the fullest despite it all.

inspiring amputee mountaineer

He shares with us that he had fallen in love with climbing because of the rewarding feeling he gets after conquering challenging trails. Upon reaching the summit, he does his signature pose and he raises up his artificial leg as his sign of success.

He says his artificial leg is his trophy.

inspiring amputee mountaineer

It wasn’t an easy thing to do at first, since his parents didn’t approve of it. Later on, they finally accepted that it is his true passion, so they just reminded him to be extra careful instead. Alex loves the mountains. He says he loves to enjoy the beauty of God’s creation.

inspiring amputee mountaineer

Don’t be fooled by his form, though! Alex actually walks and takes the stairs to work every morning and he trains at the gym to strengthen his legs. In fact, he used to be a bodybuilder before he started hiking! How cool is that?

inspiring amputee mountaineer

Despite being an amputee, he lives his life to the max and I think his story is truly inspiring. Here’s his message to everyone, especially to his fellow PWDs:

“never give up. God has a plan for us. Though sometimes it could be hard to understand, his plans are perfect and we should not lose hope. We all have different skills and talents. We just have to focus on them and improve and someday, our friends and family will be proud of us.”

Watch his amazing journeys here: