Inday Sara Duterte Challenges Loyal Supporters of Her Father To Shave Their Heads

Circulating on social media yesterday was a surprising Instagram post of Mayor Duterte’s daughter, Attorney Inday Sara Duterte.

Inday Sara Duterte shaves head


Rough translation of her caption: “Despite having no money, or even without the machinery, even if we lose #JustDUit”

Last Monday, Mayor Rodrigo Duterte has announced that he will not run for Presidency this coming 2016 election. However, many assumed that his daughter’s move was to support the Filipino people’s desire for her father to file candidacy and run for the said position.

In fact, some netizens, specifically, OFWs, have already shaved their heads and apparently, initiated a “Kalbo para sa tunay na pagbabago challenge” in support with Inday Sara Duterte’s challenge to her father’s loyal supporters.

OFW responds to Inday Sarah

Source:  OFW Global Movement

Do you think this will help change his mind and finally run for Presidency? Share your thoughts below!