#Inclusion: These People With (Dis)Abilities are Welcome to Work at a Local Drugstore

It has been my advocacy to spread awareness about #inclusion. It’s in my great desire to let everyone know that People With (Dis)Abilities are welcome and should be treated fair and equal.

I’m glad people are now more diverse and practice inclusion. Such is this local drugstore that hires PWDS or People With Disabilities.

Source: smartparenting.com.ph

Source: smartparenting.com.ph

In line with Southstar Drugs, in collaboration with Unilab Foundation’s Project Inclusion, presented their PWD hiring program last December 2016.

According to the article shared by Smartparenting.com, the PWDs were hired as probationary employees and would have a great potential to become regular employees.

Furthermore, the new hires don’t have special treatment. They were treated the same as other applicants and employees.

Ultimately, this isn’t a charity cause: new hires were given the same job description and responsibilities just like the regular employees.

I hope to see other brands follow and accept #inclusion.

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