IN PHOTOS: Miss Vietnam 2018 H’Hen Nie’s Visit to Manila

If you watched Miss Universe 2018, you will most definitely remember Miss Vietnam, H’Hen Nie. With her short hair, she dominated the stage with her stunning look, and easily won the hearts of many – Filipinos included. So, ever since she arrived in the Philippines two days ago, we’ve been hot on her heels following her journey in our beautiful city. Here’s what she was to in Manila:

She reunited with her coach Anjo Santos at the airport (okay, fine, this isn’t a photo, but we added it anyway):

She ate some tuyo, admitting that she can eat a whole bowl of rice with just one fish:

She shared a beautiful smile at her hotel, thanking the Philippines and saying she loves the country:

She met up with Venus Raj and wore matching ternos:

She wore a baro’t saya and looked absolutely stunning in it:

She joined the Youth Congress of FPPFI and shared her stories with various students:

She enjoyed our sunsets:

And to end her journey, she got a special dress done, which is a mix between the traditional Aodai costume of Vietnam and our very own terno:

Don’t you just love her? Anyone lucky enough to have actually met her while she was here? Tell us your stories, so we can live vicariously through you!