I shot a K-pop music video in Korea and it was awesome (feat. Momoland’s Boom boom)

I’ve never been a dancer. To put it lightly, I suck at dancing. The only time I’m comfortable with the activity is when I’m hitting the clubs since I know no one will be checking me out because of my skills in that context.

So, on my last Korea trip, it was a definite surprise when my boyfriend told me he booked a special activity for us. It was a K-pop dance session which culminates in shooting our own music video. Man, oh man. ? This is how it went down:

We were going to dance a minute routine from Momoland’s Boom Boom and I have to admit that I was very nervous when we started. Although the class said there was no previous dance experience required, of course most of those who signed up for it had dancing experience — except for me. Interestingly, the class consisted of people of different ages and nationalities: there was a group of middle aged titas, a couple on vacation, another solo Filipina dancer, and so on. Everyone was so friendly and I didn’t feel uneasy throughout the class, even when I couldn’t get any of the steps. The dance teacher, who was an actual K-pop dancer, was pretty patient with me.

If you watched the video above till the end, you would’ve seen the actual music video. I’m sure I won’t win best dancer award for that performance, but it was definitely a fun experience. I also learned that my boyfriend was pretty good dancer! ?

If you happen to be in Korea looking for a unique experience, check out K-pop dance class at Fancy Studio (@fanxy_studio on IG), I assure you, it’s going to be a memorable experience.

And, if not, you’ll have a music video to show for it!


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