I Got Starstruck During TALA’s EP Launch

Words by: Karl Batungbacal / Photos by: Michaela Acero

In the early 2010s, people were starting to wonder about the state of OPM due to previous big name bands going on hiatus, not having hits, or even disbanding. Bands like Kamikazee, Orange & Lemons, and Urbandub disbanded, leaving a sizable hole in the industry. However, that worry was quelled when the indie movement brought OPM back to the spotlight. Names like Curtismith, Quest, IV of Spades, Ben&Ben, and She’s Only Sixteen, led the resurgence of OPM. Audiences of all ages are starting to discover these names and it has encouraged young people with the talent necessary to try their hand at music.

Before that happens, though, every aspiring artist has to go through the process of creating a name for themselves. An EP launch is just one of those ways. Going to these launches is one of my favorite things to do to unwind because it gives me an opportunity to see if the hype surrounding them is real.

Just my luck: I got assigned to TALA’s EP Launch at Unit 27 Bar + Restaurant in Eastwood last April 13.

I deliberately didn’t search for any of her songs because I wanted to be surprised by her singing ability and to see just how good she really is. I mean, you wouldn’t have an EP launch if you don’t believe in your abilities, right? Thank goodness that’s what I did.

TALA performing “boy”, one of my favorite songs 

It’s not every day one gets blessed with some of the most soulful and emotional vocals out there. If I had to describe my emotions during that event, I’d have to say it was a definite rollercoaster – but not in a bad way. In the song “boy”, she started by singing about how she got her heart broken; but by the chorus, she was done with everything, singing “now I know what I need, and what I need isn’t you”.

In a span of three days, I now understand why I’ve come to love that song so much. Produced by DJ Joseph Marasigan, the song has those lo-fi song vibes that have been going around on YouTube for some time now. I love the way her vocals complement the soft and dreamy instrumentals. Probably the best way to illustrate how I felt when I first heard her sing: it was like love at first sight and it was simply amazing.

Not only were we treated to a 5-song setlist from the EP itself, we were also able to get a sneak peek of her video for “bruised”, which hasn’t been released to the public yet.

I’m bruised but you’re my savior

With beautiful visuals featuring a beach and scenes shot in the forest, it’s a great way to integrate the vibe of the song into the video. Everyone in attendance applauded. The video really looks like a good way to introduce her to the general public. If anything, the video and song remind me of Curtismith’s “Splash”, which has 43,000 views on YouTube. Maybe it’s because of the camera shots or the instrumentals being absolutely awesome on both songs, but it’s undeniable that TALA’s new music video will garner at least something close to 43,000. (I believe it’s gonna be more. *wink*)

TALA’s star is only rising 

Overall, the event was a great introduction to the music of an 18-year-old artist who hails from a family of musicians (her father’s a member of the OPM band, Chillitees and her cousin, Nikki Gil, started off her career in a similar manner).

I can confidently say that TALA has gained a new fan in me because of how real she was during our short interview. She definitely won me over in a span of 3 hours. I’m absolutely looking forward to what the future holds for this young lady. Until then, I’ll be on Spotify playing her self-titled EP TALA.


Twitter / Instagram: @talulasaur


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