I Demand Justice for Game of Thrones’ True Unsung Hero

SPOILERS AHEAD! You’ve been warned!

The Game of Thrones finale aired and left much to be desired for many people. Some wanted a different ending, others wanted someone else to rule Westeros, etc. It’s all very dizzying on social media right now with all the criticism against the finale. But for me? All I wanted was to see the true hero of Westeros.

You know who I’m talking about.

Sweet Hot Pie, the internet’s beloved son

Where in the world was Hot Pie?

I demand justice for Hot Pie. Where did he go? Why did the writers forget about him? Is he still baking? Did he get a Robin Arryn-esque glo-up? Will we ever know? Does he know Gendry is now Lord of the Stormlands? Does he know Arya’s pulling a Columbus? Is he even fazed by anything in his little inn???

I wish we saw him again, even one last time to reunite with Arya and Gendry. Imagine him running into that meeting of powerful people of Westeros with direwolf breads for everyone. They all mmmm in unison, look at each other and nod, and proclaim Hot Pie, baker of delicious bread and gravy, as the one true King of Westeros. Or even as the one true Baker of Westeros, to serve in the royal kitchens where he can brown butter as much as he likes.

You know what brings people together, Tyrion? Food. Stories, sure. But food? Food is good. People would be up for a good story, sure, but some good food? That’s when you know you’ve won people over. Everyone is down for something delicious. How could he have made this oversight? Tyrion truly isn’t the same as he once was.

I’m okay leaving everything else in the finale alone if it means Hot Pie gets a cameo of him and his direwolf breads selling like hotcakes. He can roast some dough in the flames that Drogon left behind. Or make Hot Pie Azor Ahai. It rhymes and if it rhymes, it probably means something, right? (I’m probably grasping at straws here but…)

I just want to see my precious Hot Pie again, okay. No one is as pure as him. Things went down in Westeros and he was happily perfecting his direwolf breads and all his pies. I love him with all my GoT-bruised heart. I just wanted to see him in the finale, okay. That’s all I wanted. I demand justice.

Where do you think Hot Pie was? Let us know!


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